NEPTUN Label 4200 - Lasersheets

38,0 mm x 21,0 mm, 65 Etiketten pro Bogen
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  • 210.NL4200.059
  • 65
  Properties: Completely watersoluble (Paper and adhesive) Dissolves... more
Product information "NEPTUN Label 4200 - Lasersheets"



  • Completely watersoluble (Paper and adhesive)
  • Dissolves completely in every dishwasher / crate washer system
  • Label sticks to different materials and surfaces for example storage boxes, glas, metalboxes or transport boxes made of plastic
  • NEPTUN Label is biodegradable



  • Printable with a laser printer or copier
  • Conditionally printable with an inkjet printer


Lettering of the Label also possible by hand with a pencil, pen or fineliner.

Sheet format: DIN A4
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